“Ginger Soul” is a community of like-minded people of all ages and nationalities. Our Main Task is to increase the level of culture and morality in society. We intend to carry positivity and joy, unleash creativity, allow self-realization and self-development, etc..

Our goals.

The main task of the association "Ginger Soul" is, to increase the level of culture and morality in society, and also, we intend to carry positive and joy; unleash creativity; opportunities for self-realization, etc.

The association organises various cultural events. To achieve its goals ”Ginger Soul” actively participates in charity events, as well as in various advertising and information companies.

Our community is not completed yet, so if you are redhead from birth or you are coloured in fiery color or redhead in the soul, and most importantly creative and active, you still have the opportunity to join us.

We collaborate with:

We collaborate with different medical
centres and associations, which work with children and adults with special needs. Our main goal is to help those who need it. At the moment we are cooperating with the association from Latvia “Akvilona” and "BALTIC ASSOCIATION RENOVATE AND HUMAN ECOLOGY OF MEDICINE" which works with sick people (cancer, autism, dementia, handicapped, and others). All the money that we manage to collect, we send to children with special needs.

We want to provide people with various types of health and self-development knowledge, and we work with the "International Healer Academy - Akvilona" to do so.Together, we organised masterclasses, webinars, courses, marathons, and consultations for self-development.

Our main partner is the Italian music publishing company "PA74 Music." Together, we support artists and musicians from all over the world and give them the opportunity to promote their music.

Also, "GingerSoul" is a non-profit organization for redheads and everyone positive and creative. We organize charitable events, festivals, and concerts to raise the level of culture and morality in society, as well as to spread joy and happiness, unleash creativity, and create opportunities for self-realization, among other things. The association organizes various cultural events.

Why Redheads?
The red color is positive and energetic; it is bright and spectacular; it is the color of activity; it is the color of fire that fascinates and warms; it is the color of the sun, which is so necessary for all living things, and it attracts a lot of attention from others. Attracting attention is one of the ways it is possible to solve the global problems that are arising today.
We support the cult of a strong personality in terms of personal growth and self-realization. We are open-minded and friendly!

We're excited to show you our new plans for 2024.

This year, we teamed up with the well-established Italian festival "Videofestival Live," celebrating its 27th year. With fresh ideas and new partners, the festival is getting a makeover, allowing us to support and promote talented young individuals and those passionate about music and art.

Our collaboration extends to the charming Italian town of Fortunago, a medieval gem in Lombardy with just 300 residents. Fortunago boasts the impressive "Giovanni Azzaretti" theater, designed for concerts, theater performances, and events. Alongside charitable associations in Italy, Ginger Soul will organize events in Fortunago to support and showcase musicians, artists, performers, and talented individuals from across Europe.

Our association has always championed talented individuals and those dedicated to sharing knowledge that brightens the world. We've connected with the exceptionally talented Spanish writer, Marco Cesat Cassin, known for his 10 bestselling books and educational events that help people navigate tough situations. Through his books, a Latvian couple found renewed purpose after facing tragic circumstances and the loss of a child. Our decision to support and collaborate on various events with him this year stems from this impactful reason.

Our activities in 2023.

In 2023, we collaborated with the Pavia municipality to organize a huge charity concert in memory of the late Italian musician Albert One, who passed away during the pandemic. Over 50 musicians played Italo disco songs from the 80s and 90s in a medieval castle in Pavia, drawing a crowd of around 5,000 people.

We also assisted and backed a two-day event organized by Spanish writer Marco Cesati Cassin.

Our support extended to the musicians of Italian bands Kappao Band and Of New Trolls.

Additionally, we engaged in numerous meetings and negotiations, offering help to resolve challenging life situations for several residents of Latvia.

Charity & Support

Charity Live Streaming Events, Charity Motivation Marathon, Charity Events for children, Charity for Social housing and more... We think thant support for young people and for talented people, for artists is very important in all ages, because if you like to show to the world your skills, your music and your art work, you deserve to have of promouting your talent and show to that world your creation, maybe for someone your music can give inspiration and can give a hope, maybe you can give to someone reason to smile and fill themself more happiest...we always here for your support...We believe that support for young people and talented people, especially artists and musicians, is very important at all ages because, if you want to show the world your skills, music, and art work, you deserve to have the opportunity to do so. Perhaps your music can give someone hope and inspiration; perhaps you can give someone a reason to smile and fill them with more happiness. We are always here for you and we are always ready to help.

Events & Festivals

The organization hosts free art and music festivals in central city squares to provide access to people from different social levels. They collaborate with the Italian music festival "Videofestival Live" to help young and independent artists showcase their talent. Together, they organise concerts and festivals in European countries and arrange 10-day tours for artists to share experiences and promote cultural exchange. The project aims to provide young artists with valuable stage experience and support from professionals in the music industry, such as producers, professional musicians, presenters, managers, and other experienced people in the field. The ultimate goal is to allow everyone to enjoy talented performers' music and enable young artists to share the same stage as more experienced artists from different countries. The project is significant, and it offers the young artists the opportunity to receive advice and guidance from industry experts, which is vital for their growth in the field.

Membership Card 2024

The Ginger Soul charity organization's 2024 membership card is a great way to show your support for our cause. By joining, you are assisting people with special needs, children with special needs, and everyone else who requires our assistance.
As a member, you will be supporting Ginger Soul's mission to create a world where everyone has access to the basic needs of life, such as culture, education, and healthcare. Our organization works with partners to assist those in need and to develop long-term solutions to raise society's cultural level.The card can be used throughout the year, and you will be able to receive notifications about our exclusive online and offline events and activities, including talks, workshops, concerts, and charity events, which provide opportunities to learn, connect, and have fun with like-minded individuals who share a passion for helping others. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a difference and become a member of Ginger Soul today.